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Willy Beachum

Gotham D.A.s

7 April 1978
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I was a cracker kid who dreamed of being a lawyer. For a while I made it big, winning most of my cases as a Deputy District Attorney in L.A., then getting an offer to go corporate with one of the nation's biggest firms. My boss, Joe Lobruto, taught me more than I wanted to believe. To my surprise, I couldn't sell out.

I also couldn't stay on Lobruto's team. I found out the man was more to me than the big boss, or 'God' as we liked to call him. So I let myself be recruited by another dynamic D.A., and I left the Left Coast for the biggest city in the world, Gotham. I went to work for Harvey Dent, who was out to clean up crime in Gotham.

I really liked and respected Harvey, and I felt horrible when both he and co-worker Rachel Dawes were killed. Now I feel like Wee Willy with his finger stuck in a dike. I don't know how long I can last or how much I can possibly do. But I'm too stubborn to give up now. I may end up the most famous Assistant D.A. in the world, or I may end up like Harvey and Rachel.

Only time will tell.